Sky lightning record: largest -709 KM long, longest brightness -16.73 seconds

You must have seen lightning falling from the sky. It ends in a few seconds. But now the record of the world’s largest celestial lightning and the longest lightning celestial lightning has been recorded. The largest celestial power spanned 709 kilometers. Whereas, the record for the longest lightning is set to 16.73 seconds.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the largest celestial electricity that spanned 709 kilometers was dividing entire Brazil in half. The longest recorded lightning ever recorded in Argentina. It has been flashing for 16.73 seconds.

Both these records are more than double the old recorded records. Before this, the record of such electricity was recorded in America and France. An article has been published about this in the research letter of the American Geophysical Union.

The committee of WMO Expert two years ago has declared electricity falling over southern Brazil on 31 October 2018 as the biggest celestial electricity. This celestial power had covered a distance of 709 km. Such a distance is between Boston to Washington DC or London to Switzerland.

WMO considered lightning to fall in northern Argentina on 4 March 2019 as the longest shining electricity in history. It was flashing for 16.73 seconds. Any power that spreads more than 100 kilometers is called mega flash.

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Earlier in 2007, 321 km of electricity was recorded in Oklahoma, USA. At the same time, in 2012, the lightning that shone over France for 7.74 seconds was considered the longest flashing power.

WMO Expert Professor Randell Cerveny said that such a long journey of lightning and flashing of one power for so long shows the strength of nature. Also, it allows us to do some study or research. We will record better records in the future. Our technology is getting more sophisticated.

In the year 2016, for the first time, America had prepared a map of glowing celestial lightning in the world. So that it is easy to do a study about the whole earth. Since then, the WMO confirms two records about celestial electricity and releases them for general public information.

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These power are monitored by American Satellite Light Mapping Array (LMA), Geostationary Lightning Mappers (GLMs), Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES), Europe’s Mitioset Third Generation Lightning Mapper (MTG) and China’s FY-4 Lightning Mapping Imager is.

WMO also maintains a record of those who died at the time of lightning. In 1975, 21 people in Zimbabwe were directly killed by the same celestial lightning. These people were hiding in a hut. At the same time, in 1994, a tank exploded in Egypt due to lightning on a tank, a flood of burning oil came out of it in the town of Derenkah. It killed 469 people.