World’s Coldest Place on Fire

The place where there is a record of the temperature going down to minus 68 degrees Celsius. Today that place is engulfed in flames. The temperature has risen as never before.

There is ice, cold sea waves all around this place. But the forest on its land is on fire. Smoke clouds are spread across the sky for several kilometers. Seeing this environmental change, scientists around the world are upset.

This place is located in the eastern part of Siberia. That is the town of Varkhoyansk in Russia. The warmest day of history was recorded here on 20 June. The temperature was 38 degrees Celsius.

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Whereas, this is the place where winter falls the most. temperature goes to minus 67. This map shows how the land of the Arctic region, including Siberia, is getting warmer.

Earlier the temperature of this place was 37.3 degrees Celsius in 1988. Gavin Smit, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said that the temperature rise in this region of the Arctic is not good.

Gavin Smit said that if we look at the figures of the last 100 years, the average increase in temperature in this area was 3 degrees Celsius. But it seems that this record will also be broken in this century. The ground temperature is shown on the map shown above. More red color means more heat.

Fire Varkhoyansk Russia

The forests of Varkhoyansk are on fire. This fire is engaged in an area of ​​more than 10.3 thousand hectares. The trees named larch are found to be burning the most in this area. About 1768 cubic meters of larch have been burnt.

Due to the forest fire, dark smoke has spread in the sky of Siberian areas, which is also visible from space. It has also been recorded by the European Space Agency, the US Space Agency NASA and Russia’s Meteorological Department.

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The World Materialological Organization has said that we have recorded the increased temperature in the area of ​​Siberia. This is very frightening. The Arctic region has not had this much temperature in the last several decades. This is the result of global warming and the blazing fire inside the earth.

Due to this fire, heat, and heatwave, the amount of carbon dioxide has increased in many areas of the Arctic Circle. Not only this, but there has also been an increase in other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Let us tell you that Siberia’s name is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for its frightening temperature. The minimum temperature here goes to minus 68 degrees Celsius.