The world is shaken more than 163 times in 24 hours, more than 12 countries shiver

There have been more than 163 earthquakes on Earth in the last 24 hours. All these earthquakes were more than 3 magnitudes on the scale. The entire earth is shaken by these earthquakes. These 14 countries have suffered the most, which are badly shaken – India, Japan, America, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Turkey, Philippines, Peru, Tonga, Russia, and Iran.

These countries experienced earthquakes of more than 4 on the Richter magnitude scale. However, there is no news of the loss of life or property.

The biggest earthquake occurred in the last 24 hours in Turkey. The intensity measured here was 5.9 on 14 June. 24 hours later, on 15 June, Turkey trembled. This time the intensity of the earthquake was 5.5.

In the past 24 hours, there have been 2 earthquakes of magnitude 5.5. While 9 earthquakes were above 5 on the Richter scale. At the same time, 25 earthquakes of 4.5 magnitude rocked many countries.

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On the Richter scale, there were 77 earthquakes of 3 magnitudes, 52 of 3.5 magnitude, and 15 of 4 magnitude earthquakes. Including the earthquake in Bhuj of Gujarat a day ago.

The countries where earthquakes of 5 or more magnitude have occurred in the last 24 hours are India, Turkey, Japan, Mauritius, Iran, Russia, Solomon Islands, and Indonesia.


All these countries are located around the Ring of Fire. The ring of Fire is the place where volcanic activity is very high. Also, at this place, the collision or distance between tectonic plates under the earth gets worse.

Due to this collision or stretch, earthquakes keep happening in the countries around the Ring of Fire. In India too, earthquake shocks have been continuously happening for a few days, due to which geologists are making different predictions.

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Some say that a major earthquake can occur in India at any time, some say that it will not. Everyone has their study, but one thing is certain that there are too many activities going on inside the earth.