What lessons will we remember from Corona?

There is a noise of Covid-19 epidemic around the world. People are locked in homes. Businesses are closed. Factories are closed. The markets are closed. There is desolation and sadness everywhere.

If something good has happened in this depressed, desolate, deserted world, it is that shining nature. These days nature is breathing freely. Wild animals are walking on open roads. The influx of rare turtles along the sea has increased. The noise of birds outside the house has increased. The air is clear. In the daytime, the sky looks bright blue, then at night the stars are clearly visible.

The major reason for this is the drastic reduction in carbon emissions. Smoke and garbage have also been eliminated due to traffic and factories shutting down. According to a research report, the emission of carbon dioxide in New York has decreased by 5 to 10 percent.

At the beginning of this year, there has been a reduction of 25% in carbon gas emissions in China. Coal is used extensively in factories. But now that they are closed, then the smoke emanating from them is also closed.

Looking at the satellite picture of Europe, it shows how large a quantity of nitrogen dioxide has disappeared from the air in Italy. This dangerous gas is the major cause of respiratory diseases in Italy. And because of this gas, there is heavy rain here.

Carbon emission reduction

But the question arises whether these changes will continue even after the end of the Covid-19 epidemic?

All countries have adopted a lockdown method to prevent infection of the corono virus. Because of which the trips are completely closed. Airplanes do the work of dissolving large amounts of carbon in the air.

Smoke from factories is also the reason for the reduction in carbon emissions. All factories are closed these days. It is another matter that due to this, unemployment is also spreading on a large scale.

Obviously, everyone wants clean air and water. But not at the expense of unemployment. Researchers say that when we recover from this epidemic, carbon emissions will have decreased by about 0.3 percent in the world. But as soon as the lockdown is removed, business will start. If people start getting money, then work will start in factories on a large scale. People will go on a world tour for holidays. What will happen then?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Metre

This is not the first time that carbon emissions have decreased after an epidemic. The 2008 recession also saw a change in the world’s climate. The emission of greenhouse gases was reduced. For example, China made the most of steel, cement, etc., due to which there was a large amount of pollution. With the closure of the factory, the air of China has also been cleared to a great extent. But when the work starts again, how the situation will be, everyone has an idea.

A major disadvantage due to the lockdown will also be that the conference COP 26 may be canceled for the protection of the environment. In which many big decisions related to environment protection are to be taken.

Environmental scientists are worried that they will not get the time they need to complete their work. Scientists also say that even after the lockdown opens, carbon emissions can be controlled to a great extent.

The epidemic of Covid-19 has taught us one more thing. Till now we did not even care about where the food we eat comes from. Used to waste food a lot. But now we have started to appreciate it. Not only this, now people are taking care of each other. Have started helping the needy. To be honest, this epidemic has told all of us the real meaning of life. Hopefully, we will remember these lessons from the corona virus outbreak.