Tik Tok Star won 1 Crore

Entertainer became number 1 Tik Tok star Baba Jackson, won 1 crore reward

Flipkart had organized a unique stop at a home reality show in which it announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh to a winner and a reward of Rs 1 crore to the mega winner every week.

Yuvraj alias Baba Jackson, a resident of Jodhpur, has won the Entertainment Number One competition organized by Flipkart. Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, who is hosting this competition, has recently announced the name of the winner in his Instagram post. The winner of this competition will be given a reward of one crore rupees.

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As soon as the news of Yuvraj aka Baba Jackson winning this prize came out, a wave of happiness ran in his entire family.

Baba Jackson, who won a prize of Rs 1 crore, became very popular on social media recently. He is a tik tok star and considers Tiger Shroff his idol. Tiger has also shared his videos on his Insta story. Yuvraj’s father is a laborer and works from house to house.

Video went viral

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The post in which Varun Dhawan has announced the name of Baba Jackson has liked and shared it to over 9 lakh people. In the video, Varun Dhawan also appeared quite excited, announcing the name of Yuvraj. Let me tell you that Yuvraj is a social media sensation and he has a lot of followers on Tik Tok.