Katy Perry thinking about suicide after breakup with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry, who started thinking about suicide after a breakup from Orlando Bloom, is going to be the mother of his child today

35-year-old singer Katy Perry has revealed that she began to have suicidal thoughts after splitting from actor Orlando Bloom in 2017. Katy Perry says, ‘During that time I was also very upset professionally. I had given my everything and had broken. I had a breakup from my boyfriend. Although now he is the father of my child. ‘

Katy told me that I believed that I am alive today. Katy and Orlando Bloom began dating each other in 2016. The couple split in February 2017 after dating for a few months.

Let us know recently that Katy’s new music video “Daisies” has been released. Katy’s very bold style is seen in this new album. Katie was also seen flaunting a baby bump in the video. Before this, Katy also released “Never Worn White”. It was through this music video that he revealed her pregnancy.

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Katy Perry, who previously married Russell Brand, has been dating Orlando Bloom since 2016. This is her first child while in relationship with fiance Orlando Bloom, 43. Katy may give birth soon. Let me tell you that Katy came to India in November last year. Pop stars Katy Perry and Dua Lipa performed at the packed DY Patil Stadium with around 25,000 spectators.

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Katy Singer is a songwriter, musician, and stage performer. Katy is the third most followed celebrity on Twitter since July 2019, with 100 million followers. Katy is also a social worker. She works for fagot people.