Jennifer Aniston sell her Nudes to donate to COVID war

‘Friends’ fame actress Jennifer Aniston will sell her Nude photos, donate money to coronavirus victims

  • Actress Jennifer Aniston will sell her nude photos
  • Will donate the money from the nude photos to Coronavirus Patient

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. In such a situation, whether Bollywood or Hollywood celebs are making every effort to help their country. This pandemic has also forced the powerful country of America to kneel.

In such a situation, many celebs have come forward to help their country. Shortly before, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey donated about 2 lakh masks to local hospitals in Texas, USA to deal with the threat of Corona. At the same time, Friends (Friends Show) fame actor Jennifer Aniston has announced to help the corona victims.

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Jennifer said we have to help coronavirus victims, we have decided to sell my Nude Photos. Yes, if the news is to be believed, then a few years ago, Jennifer clicked some nude photos from her photographer friend Mark (Jennifer’s Photographer friend mark).

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She will now sell those pictures and donate the money received from them to the Coronavirus war. she has posted a video on her Instagram (Jennifer Instagram). Giving information about this whole news, She said that ‘Her friend Mark has decided to auction 25 protests.

Including his photos. The proceeds from this auction will be given to such an institution. Which is providing free coronavirus testing and care kit to the people. Let me tell you that there is different insanity (Jennifer Fans) about Jennifer.

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This is the reason that after years when she came on Instagram, her first post had registered her name in the Jennifer Guinness book of world record. At the same time, when Jennifer shared this post on her Instagram handle, within 5 hours one million people of Jennifer followed her through the video.

People still love the comedy show ‘Friends’ in the past. The craze of this show is seen even after years. Not only this, the audience likes to see every character who has worked in the show and know about them even today.