Harvey Weinstein to give $19 million settlement in a sexual abuse case

Famous producer Harvey Weinstein was convicted in a sexual abuse case in February this year. A New York court found Weinstein guilty of a misdemeanor and one sexual abuse charges. It is now reported that Harvey’s lawyers have reached a settlement to settle two sexual abuse lawsuits at $ 19 million.

The New York Attorney General’s Office announced the announcement that approximately $ 19 million would be paid to the victims as a settlement. These amounts will be distributed among women who experienced sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination while working with Weinstein. With this, the ongoing trial from 2017 will come to an end.

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Let us tell you that Weinstein has been accused of sexually abusing more than 100 women, including many veteran actresses of Hollywood. After this, many other women put their talk on social media through the #Metoo campaign. This campaign created panic all over the world. 

Harvey is considered one of Hollywood’s most powerful filmmakers. Let us know that 81 films made in Harvey’s production have received an Oscar Award. Harvey was one of the filmmakers who had access to the White House.