DC Comics writer Martin Pasko dies, breathes last at age 65

Martin Pasko, a writer for comics and television shows, died on May 10 at the age of 65. DC publisher Paul Levitz reported his death by writing a post on Facebook.

Paul wrote, ‘You read the weird things in his work, whether his work was credited or not, or whether he improved comics, cortoons, TV shows, even a theme park event. He constantly complained about the difficulties faced while making it better and should do so. Martin made anything special with the magic of creativity. He was actually a genius. 

Pasko began comic publishing in 1972 and joined DC Comic in 1973. The first Superman story he worked on was published in 1974. Pasko worked for ‘Justice League of America’, ‘Saga of the Swamp Thing’ and ‘Wonder Woman’. 

In addition to comics, Pasko also worked for television as the author and story editor of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’.