Brad Pitt arrives at Angelina’s house for the first time after a divorce

After getting divorced in 2016, Brad Pitt was first seen in the Los Angeles home of ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Pitt, after spending almost two hours at his house, was seen going off the bike. 

Pitt wore light-colored jeans and a sweater during this time. This couple lives only 10 minutes away from each other. But both have met at home after almost four years.

It is believed that Pitt came here to meet his children. In November last year, Angelina Jolie stated that she prefers to live abroad and that she will shift out with them as soon as their children turn 18. At the moment his children can meet their father.

Earlier, in an interview with Entertainment Today, Angelina gave the reason for breaking the relationship with Bratt Pitt. Actress Angelina said that no relationship can be black and white. I have a different ideology for everything than Brad.

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The first reason behind the divorce was the idea of ​​how to raise children. She had told that Brad’s jealous behavior and addiction to drinking alcohol was the first reason behind her separation.

Angelina had reported that she lost several opportunities in Hollywood because of her alcohol addiction. He was jealous because I do not let my work promote him.

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Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016. Both are parents of six children. Let us tell you that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were together since 2005. Nine years later in 2014, the two got married.

Brad Pitt’s name has been linked with Jennifer Aniston since the divorce. It is being said that this X couple can marry again.