Hollywood actor Anthony James died, suffering from cancer

Actor Anthony James, who starred in films like ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘In the Heat of the Night’, has passed away. He was 77. According to information received, Anthony had cancer. 

James’ real name was Jimmy Anthony, he had to change his name due to the name of a famous actor. James had dreams of becoming an actor since childhood. When he turned 18, he convinced his mother to act. Jimmy’s financial situation was not well then. He caught the train with his mother and reached Los Angeles. But they had no money there. His mother then started working in homes. 

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James played a breakout role at the age of 26 in the 1967 Oscar-winning film ‘In the Heat of the Night’. He has also worked in films such as’ Vanishing Point, ‘The Culpepper Cattle Company,’ ‘High Plains Drifter,’ ‘The Teacher,’ Hurts of the West, ‘Burnt Offering’. James started writing after acting. He wrote many excellent poems.