British filmmaker Alan Parker dies at the age of 76

British filmmaker Alan Parker died at the age of 76 on Friday. Parker died after a long illness, according to a Parker spokesman.

Parker was also very comfortable in creating musical comedy as well as crime dramas. Parker began his career with gangster films in 1976. He received nominations at the Oscars for Mid Night Express and Mississippi Burning. 

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Alan William Parker was born on February 14, 1944, in Illington, London. He started his career as a copywriter and then started making television commercials. In the early 1970s, he ventured into feature films after hundreds of commercials.

For the first time in 1971, he acted as a screenwriter in the British film “Melody”. Parker is known for making films on American subjects. Parker’s hit list included Fame, Mississippi Burning, Evita, The Commitment, and many other successful films.