Hitler’s ‘pet crocodile’ dies in Moscow zoo!

A crocodile died in the zoo of Moscow, the capital of Russia. Now this crocodile remains the subject of discussion on social media. Because it is said that this crocodile survived when Britain bombed the Berlin Zoo during World War II. It is called the domesticated crocodile of Germany’s ruler Adolf Hitler.

domesticated crocodile of Germany's ruler Adolf Hitler

The name of this crocodile is Saturn. It was closed since 1946 at the Zoo of Moscow. It is said that this crocodile was very famous among the people at Berlin Zoo in Germany. The story was also told that this crocodile was in the clan of Hitler’s pets. World-renowned Russian writer Boris Akunin had also written stories about it.

It is said that as soon as the Saturn crocodile was brought to the Berlin Zoo, a rumor spread that it was Hitler’s favorite pet. Former Moscow Zoo employee Dimitri Vasilev said Hitler loved it.

Saturn is said to have been born in 1936 in Mississippi. He was then caught and brought to the Berlin Zoo. It is also a story that when the British troops bombed Berlin in November 1943, the entire zoo collapsed. Many animals were killed but the Saturn crocodile survived.

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There is also a story that while the zoo was being bombarded, the Saturn crocodile hid in the basement through sewage drainage. A story came in 1990 that Saturn was crying when the Soviet Union broke and bombed the Russian Parliament. Because, he was missing the Berlin bombing. After this it was shifted to Moscow Zoo.

In 1980, a concrete slab fell on him at the Moscow Zoo. He still survived. Someone once gave a stone to his head. Then, he was treated very long.

After the death of Saturn, a tribute meeting was held in Moscow Zoo. A message was issued from the zoo which said that Saturn was a complete history. He saw a lot of change in this world.