Do you know about Neena Gupta & Vivian Richards Daughter?

Actress Neena Gupta, who started her journey on the small screen with the serial ‘Khandaan’, is a big name of the industry today. Neena Gupta has made a good identity by working on TV and Bollywood for years but her own personal life has not been easy.

In the days of youth, Neena Gupta fell in love with a cricketer. This affair later became associated with her identity. Let us tell you the story of Neena Gupta.

Vivan richards with neena gupta and Masaba

Actress Neena Gupta fell in love with West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. Both had a lot of affairs. A few days later, Neena became pregnant but Neena er married Richards. Later she decided to give birth to a child and in her life, daughter Masaba Gupta came.

It is said that in the 80s the West Indies team came to play India cricket. Then both of them fell in love. However, how the two fell in love is not known. But it is said that the two met during a party in Mumbai where both went as guests.

Neena and Vivian had a very different relationship. When Neena met Richards, Richards was already married and had two children. Some even say that Vivian was living separately from his wife at that time. Knowing this, Neena and Vivian had an affair.

The relationship of Sir Vivian Richards and Bollywood actress Nina Gupta, one of the biggest names in the cricket world, made headlines for a long time. Meanwhile, there were reports that Nina was pregnant. However, Nina and Vivian could never get married. Initially, Nina’s family and friends were against their relationship, and the decision to give birth to a child.

During the time when Nina was pregnant, her mother died, after which her father supported her. For Nina, her father came to Mumbai from Delhi and started living with her. She gave birth to a daughter in the year 1989 named Masaba. Neena single-handedly raised Masaba. Masaba is a well-known fashion designer today.

Neena said during an interview that her decision to raise her daughter alone was wrong. Neena said that by doing this, the child does not get to see that part of the family, due to which the child also has to face many kinds of problems.

She also said – I regret some things in life. By not doing what I did earlier, I should have married at the right age and then should have children. But my life took so many twists and turns that sometimes I could not handle them. Yes, I have corrected many mistakes, but I know that when it comes to taking a decision, I have never made a wrong choice.

Neena says that she told her daughter about herself and Vivian Richards from the very beginning. Masaba also understood his point. The relationship between Masaba and his father Vivian was normal. Masaba also used to visit him often in London.

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In 2008, Neena Gupta gave her life another chance and married Vivek Mehra, a chartered accountant in Delhi. This marriage took place in a secret ceremony, which many people did not know about. Today, Neena and Vivek are happily spending their lives.