What is Twitter’s new Voice Tweet feature?

People often complain from Twitter that there are some limitations of expressing their thoughts or feelings.

There is a limit of letters … Sometimes a ban of 280 characters starts to unravel, then you have to say your piece in pieces.

Also, there was a complaint from the users that what they were trying to say, they could not say in exact words. In view of all this, micro-blogging site Twitter has launched a new feature.

Using this feature, users will now be able to tweet their messages without typing. The twitter has rolled out the voice feature.

That is, now users can record their voice and tweet it. Users will be saved from the hassle of typing and can record and share their thoughts or feelings through audio.

What is the specialty?

You can record 140 seconds of audio in a voice tweet.

If you have not finished your work, then it does not matter, a new voice tweet in the form of a thread will be created automatically.

When you have done this, press the button to finish recording and go to the composer screen and tweet it.

People will see your tweet on their timeline, just like other tweets.

According to Twitter, the voice tweet is currently launched experimentally and is available only on iOS and is not yet available to all users, but the company has said that in the coming weeks, all iOS users will be able to use this feature. .

The company has not given any information about when this feature will start on Android phone.