Twitter Blocked 150k+ Accounts including Amul

Twitter accounts of millions of Chinese supporters, blocks linked to coronavirus

Twitter says that China’s propaganda about the COVID-19 epidemic was being spread through these accounts.

Twitter has closed more than 1,50,000 accounts related to China, Russia, and Turkey. Twitter says that China’s propaganda about the Coronavirus epidemic was being spread through these accounts.

With these accounts, a campaign was being run in support of the Chinese government.

Twitter said, “These Twitter accounts were mainly tweeting in Chinese languages ​​and spreading the agenda of the Communist Party of China.”

According to reports, these accounts were also related to the Hong Kong protests. Along with this, it was praising China’s response to the Coronavirus.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey clarifies after US President’s allegations

In China, other US sites including Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube are banned.

People there access social media sites through a virtual private network, i.e VPN connection.

Apart from this, Twitter has also closed 7,340 Turkish and 1,152 Russian Twitter accounts.

Coronavirus vaccine prepared by Oxford University

Let us tell you that cases of COVID-19 Virus are increasing rapidly worldwide. According to the Ministry of Health, there are more than 7 lakh corona cases worldwide. At the same time, the death toll has increased to more than 4 lakhs.

Amul’s account was banned by Twitter

Twitter blocked Amul’s Twitter account for a while. Twitter users say that Amul’s Twitter account was banned due to the anti-China campaign.

Friday, Amul ‘s Twitter account was blocked by the micro-blogging website Twitter. However, after some time, Twitter has unblocked the account. Amul was constantly campaigning against China. The Twitter account of Amul, the largest dairy product company in the country, was seen with a message.

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Amul, India’s largest food brand, is marketed by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). GCMMF was also surprised by Amul’s Twitter account appearing without warning.

As soon as Amul’s Twitter account was blocked, it became a big issue among Twitter users. Users have given account block to Amul’s latest creative campaign ‘Exit the Dragon?’ Added to this campaign was run by Amul to support the boycott of Chinese products.

Let me tell you that the iconic Amul girl, wearing a red and white dress in the latest Amul Topical, was shown saving her country by fighting a dragon.

The logo of the Chinese video-sharing mobile application TikTok can also be seen behind it. Apart from this, in this advertisement, it is written in big letters that Amul is ‘Made In India’ brand and its focus is on the ‘Self-reliant’ campaign of PM Narendra Modi.

On Twitter, Amul’s account opened, showing the message, “(Caution: this account is temporarily blocked. You are seeing this message because some unusual activity has been done from this account. Do you still want to see this account?” ‘

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There is no response from Twitter yet as to why Amul’s Twitter account was blocked. RSM Sodhi, managing director of GCMMF said, ‘We have asked Twitter why we were not briefed before the block like this. They should have informed us. ‘ Right now the response to this entire action by Twitter is awaited.

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