JK Rowling Releases New Fairy Tale ‘The Ickabog’ Free Online

Harry Potter series writer JK Rowling on Tuesday released his new story ‘The Ickabog‘ as a free online serial for children. This story is written primarily for children between seven and nine years old. There are 34 parts to this story. 

Rowling hopes that people of all ages will like this story. Releasing this story online, Rowling said that this story will especially help children during the current situation. 

He has also appealed to send the young fans drawing for this serial for the final print edition. For this, he has also organized a competition. 

The winner will be rewarded at this event. Let me tell you that this fairy tale will come in the market as a print edition by November. 

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Rowling will pay its royalties to those who help fight the Coronavirus. Let me tell you that earlier Rowling has donated 157 crores from the earnings from the Harry Potter series.

He has posted two parts of the fairy tale written in English on the website www.theickabog.com. In this way, it will be available free to the people for the next seven weeks. By July 10, one or two stories will be uploaded on the website every week. 

Rowling has said that soon these stories will be posted in other languages ​​as well. He said that ‘The Ickabog‘ is a story of abuse of truth and power. 

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The first two chapters released on Tuesday introduce a fictional land called Cornucopia, led by the foolish king. It is a scarcely-populated region at the most northern end of the magically prosperous state, known for its legend of The Ickabog.

See what JK rowling say about the book

He told me that the idea of ​​writing this story came while she was writing Harry Potter. Rowling said that while getting up after having dinner a few weeks ago, I thought why not give a surprise to the children in the current era? In this way, I decided on the same day that I would take it to the children soon.