5 Billion Dollar Lawsuit on Google

A $ 5 billion lawsuit has been filed against US tech company Google. The reason is related to the privacy of users. This is actually a class-action lawsuit. Under this, some people have sued Google on behalf of Google Chrome and other service users of Google.

The talk begins with Incognito Mode

Google Chrome has a feature – Incognito Mode. People use it when they have to do some private browsing. Generally, people think that they can browse on Incognito mode without leaving their trace. but it’s not like that.

Where is the lawsuit filed?

This lawsuit has been filed against Google in the Federal Court of San Jose (California), USA. This lawsuit has been filed by a law firm there.

What are the allegations on Google?

The lawsuit, filed in the Federal Court of San Jose, states that the company tracks users through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, and other applications and website plugins. These include apps for smartphones.

In this complaint, very serious allegations have been made on Google. It has been said that the company reads users through these services, finds out about their personal contacts, learns about hobbies, and tracks dieting habits.

The complaint against Google, which targets users who do not click on ads, also states that it collects data through Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and other plug-ins. 

It does not matter whether the user has clicked on any Google-powered ad or not. With the help of this, companies create ad profiles of users so that they can be shown the ads they like and of course. According to a report

It has also been said in this lawsuit that the company also keeps track of the extremely sensitive things searched by the users, which are things that can embarrass the users.

Lawsuits have stated that Google “cannot engage in secret and illegal data collection from almost every American with a computer or phone,”

What is demand?

In this complaint, compensation has been sought from Google. It says that Google has violated federal wiretapping and California privacy law. Because of this, millions of people who are using Incognito mode since 1 June 2016 have been affected. A compensation of $ 5,000 has been demanded each user.

Qualified users can get compensation due to class-action lawsuits

People suing for violation of Google privacy law have asked for total compensation of $ 5 billion i.e. Rs 3,77,45,02,50,000 that’s 37 thousand crores. If Google is found guilty by the court and asked to pay compensation of 5 billion dollars, then it can divide into millions of users.

Since this is a class-action lawsuit, all those who are eligible users and fill the criterion can be given a fixed amount out of 5 billion. However, the law firm filing the case has not decided on any criterion yet.

This lawsuit has been filed by the Boise Schiller Flexner Law Firm. They say that Google is wrongly intercepting and collecting user data without any user consent.

What does Google say?

A Google spokesperson said, “We have clearly stated that websites can collect information related to your browsing activity every time you open the Incognito tab.”

The company denied the allegations, In this case, company spokesman Hoje Castaneda said that the company will fight strongly against these false allegations. Along with this, he also said that every time users open incognito mode, they are warned that websites can collect their data.

About incognito mode 

In simple words, you should understand that you cannot save yourself from being tracked by using incognito mode. According to Google, while browsing on this mode, Chrome does not save your browsing history, cookies, and site data.

But this Google also says that you cannot hide your online activity from any website even by using incognito mode. That is, your organization, school, or internet service provider can track your activity if you want.