Amazon, BigBasket, Swiggy & Zomato Started Delivering Alcohol

Amazon Gets Permission To Deliver Beer, Wines, Alcohol & Spirits In India

Ever since the lockdown was declared, alcohol usage took a big hit so did state funds linked to liquor sale.

The struggle is real, as stores continue to stay shut even today and for people desiring to consume liquor in the times of novel coronavirus.

Even though there are some states where alcohol is still being traded in stores, the long queues make it quite a dangerous affair.

However, it looks like our problems will soon go away, as Amazon India has obtained clearance to deliver alcohol in West Bengal, according to a report by Reuters. Reuters has come across a report that signals the e-commerce giant’s entry in delivering alcohol to people’s residences.

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This approval was granted by West Bengal State Beverages Corp. Amazon has also been called to sign a memorandum of understanding with the state of West Bengal, according to a notice.

Amazon isn’t the only one

However, what’s surprising is that Amazon was not the only one in the queue to get this permission. Online grocery platform BigBasket was also one of the players who received the clearance to sell alcohol in the state online.

Amazon, with this recent clearance, will be offering its toes into a market that’s worth $27.2 billion, as revealed by the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

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Amazon and BigBasket aren’t the first ones to be selling alcohol online. Food delivery apps Swiggy and Zomato both started delivering alcohol in some cities, dealing with high demands amidst lockdown.

Will this be accessible across the nation? Not for now. Since every Indian state has its liquor sales policies. As of now, only West Bengal has begun inviting companies to accept computerized orders for alcohol. But if all goes well, we could soon expect this to cover in other states of our nation too.