The UK government did not approve of Dawood’s partner Tiger Hanif being brought to India

Tiger Hanif, close to Britain / Dawood, will not be able to be brought to India at present, extradition stuck due to leader of Pakistan origin

The UK government did not approve of Dawood’s partner Tiger Hanif being brought to India. He is accused of two bomb blasts in Gujarat.

Tiger is accused in the bomb blast in busy market and railway station of Surat

India can still request UK authorities to extradite Tiger

Britain has refused to hand over fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s partner Tiger Hanif to India. Haneef is accused in two bomb blast cases in Gujarat. According to Home Ministry official sources, Tiger could have been extradited. However, Pakistan-origin leader Sajid Javed in the UK stuck to it. India can then file an extradition appeal in this case. But, the benefit to Hanif will be that he can file a bail application till then.

However, Hanif may have been relieved for some time but Jabir Motiwala, another accomplice of Dawood, is still in jail. He has various charges including drug financing.
Tiger arrests in 2010

59-year-old Hanif was arrested in 2010 in the UK itself. This action was taken by the police there on the information of Indian intelligence agencies. His extradition warrant was also obtained by Indian authorities.

Tiger challenged it in court. In April 2013, her appeal was rejected by the British High Court. His case was then referred to the UK Home Secretary. However, after the case went on for several years, UK Home Secretary (2018-19) Sajid Javed refused to extradite him to India.

In which cases is Tiger Hanif accused

Tiger Hanif is also known as Hanif Mohammad Umerji Patel. He is also associated with Iqbal Mirchi, an accused in the 1993 bomb blasts in Gujarat. He had planned a bomb blast in a busy market in Surat. An eight-year-old girl was killed in it. He is also accused in the 1992 bomb blasts at Surat railway station to avenge the demolition of the Babri Masjid. More than ten people were injured in it.