Odisha: Man killed her aunt with an Axe & Reached Police Station with a Head

Suspected of witchcraft, the man cut his aunt with an ax, reached the police station with his head

Odisha has a strange and heart-wrenching incident. In Baripada town of Mayurbhanj district on Monday morning, a 30-year-old man allegedly cut an ax in suspicion of witchcraft and killed the woman. After this, the man walked 13 kilometers with the head of the woman in his hand and reached the police station to surrender.

Accused Budhuram Singh told the police, he suspected that his daughter died three days ago due to the 60-year-old woman Champa Singh (accused’s aunt) performing black magic, so he killed her aunt. The accused also handed over the ax used for the murder.

Inspector Swarnalata Minj, in-charge of Khunta police station, said that both Budhuram Singh and the woman lived in Nuasahi village in the district and were tribals. Champa Singh was a widow.

The woman was sleeping in the verandah of her house when the accused came and dragged her out. He killed the woman several times with an ax. After this, the chopped her head and reached the police station 13 km away.

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Sources said that many people were present at the scene at the time of the incident, but no one tried to stop the accused. Police have registered a case of murder and arrested the accused.

The woman’s torso was recovered and sent for postmortem. Let us tell you that on an average 60 murders were committed in Odisha every year on suspicion of witchcraft, most of them in tribal areas.

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