Nigeria: A wanted criminal was arrested for 40 rape cases

Nigerian police say that they have arrested the suspect in 40 different cases of rape.

The rape accused was caught by a mother in Dangora town of Nigeria when she was standing in her children’s room.

Police spokesman Abdullahi Haruna gave information in this regard.

He told, “On seeing the woman, he tried to run away but the neighbors chased him and caught him.”

Manglawar was arrested. Police say that this person is accused of raping at least 40 times.

The women with whom he raped include from a young girl of 10 years to an old woman of 80 years.

Nigerian Voice on Social Media

In Nigeria, the cases of rape and murder have increased significantly in the recent past. Due to which the atmosphere of discontent has increased in the country.

This growing discontent has forced thousands to raise their voices. Thousands raised their voice through petitions, while some took to social media.

Online petitions were shared on social media for criticizing such incidents for which the hashtag #WeAreTired was used.

Dangora is a small town in Nigeria. It is located in Kano State. It is a town about 85 km southwest of Kano city.

Mansoor Abubakar, who reported to the BBC from Kano, said that due to its geographical location, it is difficult for the police to reach here.

Life under the shadow of fear

The head of the town, Ahmadu Yau, said that this arrest is very welcome. He said, “The people of Dangora are very happy. We hope that justice will also be found in the right way.”

Boys Locker Room: Whole Story

A local told the BBC that he had been living in the shadow of fear for the past one year.

“We didn’t feel safe even in our own homes. Because we had heard that there is a serial rapist who rapes women by entering the house.”

A woman told the BBC that now she would be able to sleep peacefully with her eyes closed. Some cases that shook Nigeria

Owavera Omozuwa, who studies in the university, was allegedly raped and she was found dead in the church. Her head was crushed by a fire cylinder.

Two policemen arrested

A suspect was arrested in this case. A 12-year-old girl was raped for two months. This matter is of Jigawa state.

In this case, 11 people were arrested. Tina Ezequé was killed by a policeman. Two police personnel were arrested in this case.

Seven people gang-raped 18-year-old girl, threw victim’s brother in well

This case is of Southwest Lagos. Barakat Bello was allegedly gang-raped in southwestern Oyo state and then murdered.

So far no arrest has been made in this matter. A 17-year-old girl was gang-raped in Ekiti State. Two people have been arrested in this case.

Conditions of Nigeria

According to the survey of NOI Polls that came in July 2019, one out of every three girls living in Nigeria, reaching the age of 25, is at least once a victim of some kind of physical violence.

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But despite this, most cases of rape are not reported. In some families, people do not do this for fear of social stigma.

So in some cases, these cases are not reported due to fear of police and mistrust of the judicial process.