Iraq: Rocket attack on US embassy in Baghdad, accusations on Iran

Iran US Tension: The ongoing tension between Iran and the US seems to be taking a new turn. The embassy in Baghdad was attacked with rockets on Sunday morning amid US efforts to increase the ban on arms purchases. In which a child is reported injured. In the second rocket attack, a US Army base was targeted.


  • Rocket attack again on the US embassy in Iraq, suspected of attacking Iran-backed organizations
  • The second rocket attack targeted the US military base in Baghdad, the missile defense system failed.
  • Rockets fired at US embassy more than 35 times since October, tensions escalated after Iranian general’s assassination

Baghdad in the Iraqi capital Baghdad fired rockets again on Sunday targeted the US embassy and a military base. 

The Iraqi military said the fired rockets fell near the US embassy in Baghdad’s most secure green zone. One child was reported injured in this attack.

Rocket attack on US troops also the second rocket attack was targeted at the fresh military base of Baghdad. This military base also houses American soldiers. 

The Iraqi army has also captured a Katyusha rocket and its launcher. According to rocket attack reports, the US embassy and military were attacked more than 35 times since October. 

However, Iran has always denied its involvement in these attacks. This time also, Iran-backed organizations have said that they have no hand in the attack.

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Rocket shot down in the US missile system According to the BBC report, the attack was carried out when the US tested its new missile defense system called C RAM just hours earlier. This defense system can destroy any missile coming on its side by firing bullets in the air itself.

Tensions escalated after the assassination of tanks and indigenous drone Sulemani. Tensions between the US and Iran have been at a peak since the assassination of Iranian General Qasim Sulemani. 

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Recently, the Revolutionary Guards of Iran have made public information about many such weapons, which may raise the concern of America. Recently, the Iranian Navy made a maneuver to destroy the American aircraft career by building it.