Pfizer CEO claims Corona vaccine to be ready by October

  • Corona vaccine will be ready by October
  • PFIZER Company ClaimsResearch is going on in more than 100 labs around the world

Currently only 2 things are being discussed in the whole world. The first is how to control the coronavirus disease and the second is its treatment ie vaccine. At present, more than 100 labs all over the world are trying to prepare the drug of CORONAVIRUS. Out of these 10 labs are conducting clinical trials of their medicine.

Research on 30 vaccines of corona virus

Well, the disease is increasing with each passing day, but now there is news that it has been successful in making its vaccine. A few days ago a US company claimed the corona vaccine to be successful and today once again the CEO of the US pharmaceutical company PFIZER (AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PFIZER) has claimed that by October of this year, their company vaccine is ready. I will do it.

Corona Virus Vaccine: Oxford University Succeeded

The company’s CEO (PFIZER CEO) Albert Bourla made this claim during a media interview. Pfizer is working with the German company Biotech to manufacture drugs in Europe and America (PFIZER CORONA VACCINE). Similarly, AstraZeneca company is also working with the University of Oxford on making the vaccine. Head Pascal Sorriet of AstraZeneca has stated that the epidemic vaccine will be available by 2020.

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Talking about the corona, till now around three and a half lakh people in the whole world have been eradicated from this disease while more than 50 lakh are corona positive. At present, this figure has crossed one lakh in India. Apart from this, the WHO has surprised everyone by saying that the second wave of Corona is coming. That is, despite the lockdown opening, it would be difficult to return to normal life as before.