MP: Corona positive MLA wearing PPE kit to vote in Rajya Sabha election

During the voting for the ongoing Rajya Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh, a Congress Party MLA arrived wearing a PPE kit to vote. The MLA is a corona virus-positive.

  • Rajya Sabha elections on three seats in Madhya Pradesh
  • Corona positive MLA arrives to vote wearing PPE kit

Voting is being held today for the Rajya Sabha elections in 19 seats in 8 states of the country. 

In Madhya Pradesh, votes are being cast for three seats today, meanwhile, a special view was seen on Friday afternoon. Congress party MLAs who are corona virus-positive, arrived wearing a PPE kit to cast their votes.

Since Friday morning, Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party MLAs are voting for the Rajya Sabha elections. 

But around one o’clock in the afternoon, Congress MLA Kunal Chaudhary arrived in the assembly building wearing a PPE kit to vote. The MLA came positive a few days ago in the coronavirus test.

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Let us tell you that any person who is corona infected or has symptoms of the corona has to remain safe and keep himself isolated. But due to voting, the MLA arrived here taking all precautions.

When the MLA returned after casting his vote, the entire area was sanitized. Voting areas and the entire main gate were sanitized so that no one else could be threatened.

An interesting battle for Rajya Sabha elections

Votes are being cast for three Rajya Sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh today. A total of four candidates are in the fray here, BJP and Congress have fielded two candidates each. 

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In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP has fielded Jyotiraditya Scindia while the Congress has fielded Digvijay Singh.

Apart from Madhya Pradesh, this time there is a tough competition in Gujarat and Rajasthan, where the parties have fielded more candidates than the total seats. 

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Five candidates are trying their luck in four seats in Gujarat while in Rajasthan to there are three seats in Rajya Sabha and 4 candidates are beating the table.

Even in this era of the coronavirus, politics appeared at its peak and parties kept legislators in the resort for safety.