Delhi Corona App

Delhi Corona is the official mobile application of the Government of NCT of Delhi providing citizens with comprehensive resources to combat COVID using services of the line departments of GNCTD.

Delhi Corona plans to provide a single avenue to cater to all the needs and issues of the Delhi populace during these tough times. It contains a self-assessment tool, guidelines and important helplines to ensure well being of the users. The app also allows the user to view all COVID centers and access lockdown services like ration, e-pass and hunger/shelter relief centres.

It will be built as a stack and continue to be updated over time. This platform will ensure a seamless experience for the user while complying with citizen-friendly privacy and security norms.

An app and website has been launched by the Delhi government, on which information about beds and ventilators in Corona hospitals in Delhi will be available.

  • Arvind Kejriwal launches Delhi Corona app
  • Information about beds and ventilators in the hospital

A mobile app has been launched by the Delhi government amidst increasing cases of corona virus in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched this application, so that people will get information about all Corona Special Hospital in Delhi. Its name has been given Delhi Corona.

Through the Delhi Corona APP, any person will be able to get information about how many beds are empty in which hospital. That is, if a person has some problems related to corona, then he can contact that hospital immediately. Apart from corona beds in the hospital, this app will also give information about ventilators.

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In addition to the Delhi Corona app, the government has also launched a website. Complete information can be obtained by visiting this.

How will this app work, what information will you get?

Any person can download this mobile app in their phone. It has two tabs, one attached to the bed and the other connected to the ventilator.

According to the current information, there are 6731 beds of the total corona in Delhi, out of which 2819 are full and the rest are empty. There are 302 such ventilators, of which 92 are filled and the rest are empty.

Clicking on their tab on the website and app will open the list of all hospitals in Delhi. In which facilities have been provided for the treatment of coronavirus, this information will be available according to the hospital itself.

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Other information about the app

  • This app will be updated at 10 am and 6 pm.
  • On the 1031 helpline, you will also get information about beds.
  • Information will be sent via SMS on calling.
  • If the hospital does not admit the patient when the bed is empty, then a complaint can be made by calling 1031.