Corona Vaccine will be first tested in Russia: Permission Granted

Coronavirus has caused havoc all over the world. Russia is among the countries worst affected by this epidemic. In order to get people out of this disease, Russia will approve the first drug made with COVID-19 in mind. Medication can be started from next week.

An official of the Russian government has given this information to the news agency Reuters. The official said that the move is expected to reduce pressure on the health system and accelerate normal economic activities.

The head of Russia’s RDIF Sovereign Wealth Fund said in an interview that a registered antiviral drug hospital named Avifavir can start giving to patients. He said that the company making the medicine will produce enough medicine to treat about 60,000 people in a month.

No successful vaccine of COVID-19 has yet been made. Human trials of several existing antiviral drugs on the disease caused by the coronavirus have not achieved any significant success so far.

The new antiviral drug called GIMD.O company Remedsvir has given some positive results against COVID-19 on a small scale. In some countries, patients are being given this medicine under emergency use rules.

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RDIF chief Kirill Dimitriz said that Russian scientists had modified the drug. According to Dimitriz, 330 people were included in the clinical trial of the drug, the virus was successfully treated in most cases within four days with this drug.

He said the test was to end in about a week, but the Health Ministry had given its approval for the use of the drug under a special expeditious process and manufacturing had begun in March.