Corona: US company vaccine in final stages, Israel ready to buy!

Israel is preparing to take a vaccine from American pharmaceutical company Moderna to protect the people of its country from the coronavirus. The Israeli government is in final negotiations with the company. This information was given by the Israeli Media Institute YNET.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has refused to talk about it, but the YNET media has taken this news to prominence. On the other hand, Moderna has confirmed that he will do a clinical trial of his new vaccine in July over 30 thousand people.

Moderna Therapeutics, a biotechnology company based in the United States of America, is developing a vaccine that will train the immunity of humans to fight against corona.

This vaccine will prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the body. For this, Moderna has prepared to put weak and almost inactive virus in the human body, so that the body develops immunity towards it.

Moderna has not used the Coronavirus for this. For this, scientists have prepared the genetic code of corona. A small part of it will be inserted into the body with a needle.

AstraZeneca PLC supply 400 million doses of corona vaccine to EU

Let us tell you that around 90 teams of scientists are working for the corona virus vaccine worldwide. All have reached different levels. But there are only 6 of them who are close to their goal. Which is called human trial. One of them is Moderna’s vaccine as well.

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The entire world is devastated by the Corona virus. People most need strong treatment. Several types of experiments are going on worldwide to destroy the coronavirus. About vaccines, about medicines and immunity. 

But so far no one has been able to tell by when the vaccine will be ready. Which vaccine will it be, which will cure people? Which will save the whole world from corona virus infection?

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