France Scientists & Doctors: Corona may have come to France first, not China

A team of French scientists and doctors have claimed that the first coronavirus case in Europe did not come in January. It also came two months before that. But at that time the doctors could not understand the disease and its symptoms. If this claim turns out to be true then it may be that the attention of the whole world shifts from China and Wuhan to France.

According to the French doctors, the first case of Europe came in the city of Colmar, France on 16 November 2019. From November to December, more than 2500 people came to the hospital in this city settled in the northeast of France, complaining of flu.

The doctors examined the x-ray reports of all these people. Coronavirus infection has been confirmed in the x-ray of only two of these people. But at that time, the doctors were not aware of this disease and its symptoms, so its record could not be recorded.

Dr. Michael Schmidt of Colmar’s Albert Schwitzer Hospital and his team have claimed that, so far, those claims are being considered as case zero in the countries of Europe.

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The team claims that the first case of the corona has not come in China because this infection had knocked in Europe by November. Whereas, France reported its first case on 24 January 2020.

At the same time, the Wuhan city of China is believed to be the reason for spreading the coronavirus in the world. Here, the Chinese government had informed the whole world about the corona infection on 31 December 2019. But the news of Corona’s infection ceased on 7 January 2020.

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US intelligence agencies claimed that the coronavirus infection in Wuhan had spread only in November. Dr. Michael Schmidt says that after detecting the patient first, the spread of the disease, and its effect can be studied easily. It will also help in making the vaccine.

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Dr. Schmidt says that we can improve the future if we know the history. At the moment, we are unable to understand where this infection started spreading, but we have a case history of two patients who came to the hospital on 16 November 2019 with a corona infection.

Pulmonologist Dr. Vin Gupta of the University of Washington said that he has read Dr. Schmidt’s report. It is written sequentially. It is right too. Dr. Schmidt also has evidence of this. It may be that the symptoms of early coronavirus before China were similar to those seen in the x-rays of two patients here.