Chinese company claims this drug will be up to 99 percent effective in fighting Coronavirus


  • Preparations are being made to stage 3 trials of this vaccine in Britain, preparations are underway to make 10 million doses.
  • At present, there has been a shortage of Volunteers in China due to fewer infection cases.

Scientists coronavirus is claimed to create a vaccine to fight (Coronavirus) which will be effective up to 99 percent. Preparations are underway to make 100 million doses of this vaccine. The drug has been formulated by Sinovec, a biotech company from Beijing (Bejing).

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In China, more than a thousand Volunteer trials are underway. According to media reports, preparations are being made to stage this phase 3 trial in the UK. The researcher who makes the vaccine says that this vaccine will be able to cure the coronavirus in the coming time. This drug will be effective up to 99 percent.

Negotiations for vaccine trials with European countries

Currently, the company is undertaking three-stage trials of the vaccine. At present, there is a shortage of volunteers in China due to less infection. After this, the researchers have decided to try it in Europe. The company says that several countries in Europe are in talks for trials. It has also been negotiated with Britain.

Vaccine plant to be set up in Beijing company is setting up a plant in Beijing.

More than 10 crore claim doses will be prepared in this plant. It will be used on patients with the most severe. It will be used on health workers and older people.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Metre

However, it will take a few months to stage 3 trials. After this, proof of the validity of the vaccine will be needed. Earlier this month, the big drug company AstraZeneca had said to provide 100 million doses of the vaccine made by Oxford University. According to the company, it will be available by September.

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The company claims that the drug will be able to treat half of the UK population. If the trial is successful here, it will be possible this summer. Scientists at Oxford University are also constantly trialing patients on the vaccine.