China released white paper: No Late Reporting to COVID-19 to World

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. Corona, spread from the city of Wuhan in China, is creating panic all over the world including America. The situation is that more than one lakh people have died in America alone. America has been continuously accusing China about Corona that China deliberately allowed it to spread all over the world. Meanwhile, China has issued a white paper.

Indeed, China, once surrounded by allegations of late reporting the spread of the coronavirus, once again claimed itself innocent and said the first case of the corona was revealed in Wuhan on December 27, while pneumonia and human-to-human infection spread. Revealed about 19 January. China also said that immediate action was started to curb it.

The news agency PTI has reported in a report quoted by the Chinese media that a long explanation by the Chinese government-issued white paper denying allegations of coronavirus cases in Wuhan last year and denying late reports about it Has been given.

Leaders of many other countries, including US President Donald Trump, have been accusing China of not providing transparent information about the deadly disease-causing widespread loss of life and economic crisis worldwide.

According to the whitepaper, after the coronavirus was identified by a hospital in Wuhan on 27 December 2019, the local government has sought the help of experts to see the situation. The white paper said that a high-level expert team constituted by the National Health Commission (NHC) on January 19 confirmed for the first time that it could spread from human to human.

China’s leading respiratory specialist Wang Guangfa said that before January 19, there was not enough evidence that the virus could spread from human to human.

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The white paper also states that when the coronavirus was detected spreading from human to human, immediate action was started to prevent it.

It is known that many countries have already demanded international investigation regarding China’s role in the coronavirus epidemic. Doubt of countries around the world has also increased in China. America has been threatening to act on China right from the beginning because of China, the US has also severed ties with the WHO.

Here, countries that once had good bilateral relations with China, are now also suspicious. Australia is also one of those countries. China is the biggest buyer of Australian beef and barley, but when Australia talked about a global investigation on the coronavirus, China gave Australia an economic shock.

Overall, no matter how much China gives cleanliness, the truth is that Corona is spread all over the world because of that. The first case was revealed in Wuhan. After this, this deadly disease gradually took over the whole world.

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