Biggest Human Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine half a million people registered

The world’s first and largest trial of the Corona vaccine has started on Monday. The vaccine, prepared by the US government body National Institute of Health (NIH) and pharma company Moderna, will have the largest trial worldwide involving 30,000 people whereas the people volunteer crossed half million.

Doctor Anthony Fauchi of the National Institutes of Health says that there is no guarantee that the vaccine produced will protect against the virus. Some people involved in the trial will be given a vaccine dose, while some will only get a dummy vaccine.

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After this, scientists will find out which are those people who have been exposed to infection while working daily. Especially in areas where the spread of the virus has not been investigated. Through this test, not only the effect of the vaccine but also its safety will be tested.

Public interest is a good sign for science:

Dr. Larry Kore, a virologist at The Friend Hutchison Cancer Research Institute in Seattle, says that the large number of people involved in the trial is a good sign for science. Nearly half a million Americans expressed their willingness to join the trial online.

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It usually takes a long time to make a vaccine, but the speed at which scientists have worked amid the corona epidemic is a record.

The NIH has produced the vaccine within 65 days. Now he has to be tried on human beings. The first person involved in the test encourages others to do the same. Its results were positive in the first phase. Some people complained of fever, chills, and pain. If everything remains true in this test, then it will take a few months to get results and the world can get relief.