American company will test the vaccine on humans in Australia

A US biotechnology company has announced to begin testing coronavirus infection medicine in Australia on humans. Also, the company has also hoped to bring the drug of this epidemic this year. This is positive news for the world struggling with an infection.

Dr Grigory Glenn, principal researcher at biotechnology company ‘Novavax’, said the company has begun a first phase trial, which will conduct drug testing on 131 volunteers from the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane.

COVID Vaccine can take two and a half years to reach people

“We are manufacturing drugs and vaccines together so that we can show that it is effective and will make it available to the public by the end of the year,” Glenn said at the headquarters of Novavax, Maryland.

Blood of patients recovering from corona sold for Rs 10 lakh per liter

 Explain that research is going on in about 100 vaccines in the world. India is also involved in this race. At least four vaccines in India are raising hopes in the fight against Corona.

About a dozen drugs are in the initial phase of testing in China, America and Europe, about a dozen experimental drugs are in the initial stages of testing, so their trials are about to begin.

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It is not clear whether any of these drugs will prove to be safe and effective or not, but many drugs work in different ways and are made with different technologies. This has led to the expectation that any of these drugs may be successful.

The Novavax company did not even touch the virus last month, saying that the drugs we make do not even touch the virus, but ultimately it looks like a virus for immunity. He said this is the same way in which Novavax nanoparticle manufactures cold medicine