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Strictly on China / Center seeks details from industry to ban Chinese goods of poor quality, Global Times said – Boycott will sour relations

Chinese newspaper Global Times has written that the boycott of Chinese goods will affect the relationship between the two countries. This boycott will sour relations between India and China.

  • The Center wants the import of substandard goods from China to be banned and produced within the country.
  • Global Times said – the negative impact of deleting the Chinese app on companies that want to go to India

Following the violent clash between Indo-Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley on 15 June, the Modi government has begun to tighten its policies regarding China.

China has a major stake in 18 out of 30 unicorns of India

The central government has sought information from the industry about cheap and poor quality sugar products so that their imports can be banned and domestic production can be increased.

News agency PTI quoted sources as saying that the industry will soon prepare suggestions and send it to the center.

Meeting that was recently held a high-level meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office told PTI quoted official sources. There was a discussion about the Self-Reliant India Campaign.

India to enter into a military logistic pact with Japan, will compete with China in the Indian Ocean

After this, information has been sought from the industry about the products of a watch, tube, hair cream, shampoo, paint, makeup, and raw materials coming from China. In India, China has more influence in areas like cell phones, toys, telecom. China accounts for 14% of all products imported into India.

The boycott will have an impact on Chinese companies – wrote in the Global Times newspaper’s June 21 editorial – the anti-China campaign in India is having a negative impact.

America, India, Australia, and Japan have been mobilized against China

China’s prospects of doing business in the neighboring country are getting bleak. Chinese mobile apps and products are being boycotted in India and this will disrupt bilateral relations.

The editorial quoted China market analyst as saying that the Chinese goods boycott has become a social phenomenon in India. This will affect the expansion of Chinese goods in the market there.

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Concerns are also being expressed in India about the Chinese app and data privacy, and in such a situation, the market of apps like Tiktok and WeChat will be hurt.

According to the analyst, the deletion of the Chinese app is harming companies that were planning to enter the Indian market. A section of the Indian media is presenting the Galvan incident in a very aggressive manner.

Military response is also being talked about in many media. At the same time, China’s official media Global Times has reported it in a very rough way.

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