Chinese Company in India Boycotting Indian Workers

Strict action has been taken against Chinese company China Coal 3 operating in Balaghat mine of Manganese Ore India Limited (MOIL), Mini Ratna Company of Government of India. This company was accused of not allowing Indian laborers to go to work. Regarding which action has been taken to stop the work of the company.

Explain that amid the ongoing deadlock with China, Chinese company China Coal 3 did not hire Indian laborers on the pretext of spreading the Corona infection. The workers also organized a movement regarding this matter. After this, the work of this company, which is constructing an underground shaft at a cost of Rs. 250 crores, has been stopped.

In the notice given to the sugar company, it is a clear instruction that the company cannot work in India until the company takes the Indian workers to work.

The workers who had gathered in front of the Bharveli mine of Manganese Ore India Limited (MOIL) were working for a company called China Coal 3, which was working here since March 2019. This company has taken the contract for the construction of a new shaft in the underground of the mine here for Rs. 250 crores.

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The company’s work was also stopped during the lockdown. Ten days ago, the company resumed work here amid the ongoing border dispute with China, but this time it did not employ 62 Indian laborers working from the east.

The workers raised their voices about this. This government company management also discussed with the company about the restoration of workers, but the company was not ready to work with the Indian workers.

Following the stubborn attitude of the Chinese company not to hire Indian laborers, many times instructions were issued to this company to keep Indian workers again in the last 1 week, but even after that, when the Chinese company did not accept, the mole management against the Chinese company Taking strict action, The company has been ordered to stop work. It is clearly written in this order that unless the Indian laborers are not employed, then this company cannot work here.

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The government has taken action against the Chinese company. The company was not willing to work with Indian workers. The company working as a contractor within the country are boycotting the Indian workers, for which the excuse is being told about the COVID-19 transmission.

However, during this time also the company was working with more than 40 Chinese workers here, due to which there is a lot of anger among the regional people. They demand that the tender of this company should be canceled permanently.

Vijay Tande, a laborer working in the company, told that we were working here for a year. The Chinese company removed us from work without any notice. When we go to ask for work, we are given taunts by saying ‘Go Modi’.

UMED Bhati, the manager of MOIL, said that the Chinese company working in the underground here was not hiring Indian laborers due to its internal problem. We have informed them many times that Indian workers should be kept, but when they do not agree, their work has been stopped.